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No Switchboard? No Power!

What is a switchboard?

Switchboards, also known as fuse boxes distribute the electricity throughout your home or office. Switchboards control the flow of electricity to your powerpoints and if there’s an overload,  a switchboard will blow out. This will cut the power to the circuit and the devices connected to your powerpoints will no longer function until the switch is turned back on.


It is obvious that Switchboards are vital for electricity within your home or office, therefore, it’s imperative that you have a quality, reliable switchboard installed, to provide you with ongoing electricity without issues.

Switchboard repairs and replacement

Has your switchboard blown or do you want to upgrade your current older switchboard to a modern switchboard? Older switchboards tend to have fuses on them, which when blown, require you to replace the fuse completly. Modern switchboards have safety switches and when they are activated, can be flicked to work once again.

The team at Service Heroes provide reliable supply and installation of switchboards within Sydney. Whether your switchboard is located inside, outside or even in your garage, we are equipped and experienced enough to work in all scenarios.

Emergency switchboard repair

Your switchboard is the centre of your electrical system in your home, if it doesn’t work – nothing works! If your switchboard stops working, usually you’ll need a swift emergency response to repair or replace it to ensure all of your appliances work, such as your fridge. Our professional electricians will arrive to your home and office and inspect your switchboard, test and advise you the best way to go, whether it will be to repair your current switchboard or replace it with a brand new modern switchboard.

Is your switchboard unsafe? Is it not working? We’re ready to help you with all of your switchboard repair needs in Sydney. Our switchboard electricians are fully licensed, insured and respect your property.

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