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Sydney Pipe Relining 

Your piping infrastructure is likely to be one of the most complex and intricately designed parts of your home. When discovering that you must replace these complicatedly placed, but now overused, pipelines it could feel like you are living in a nightmare that doesn’t easily go away when you open your eyes. Just thinking about the excess labor and extreme costs that will come along with digging up and replacing old pipelines would throw any individual into a frenzy. However, there is an easier way out of this mess and Service Heroes is here to assist you! 

Service Heroes offers customers a team of experienced plumbers that can assist any household in Sydney with pipe relining, as well as a multitude of other services. 

What exactly is Pipe Relining?

Pipe relining, also known as Cured-In-Place Pipelining (CIPP), is a plumbing method used in an attempt to repair your old pipes. This process consists of utilizing a special resin, in order to fix your pipes from the inside out. 

Throughout this process, the unique resin that is used is the key to curing the old and used pipe. A resin-soaked felt tube, made out of either polyester or fiberglass, is used to insert the resin within the damaged pipe. The resin will then harden and form another new and improved pipe within the old one. 

Pipe relining is known to be a “trench-less” form of plumbing technology, due to the fact there is no digging involved in the process. This detail alone makes pipe relining extremely cost-effective for Service Heroes customers and a less invasive method for repairing your old and damaged pipes. 

How is Pipe Relining Done? 

The plumbers at Service Heroes take great pride in their pipe relining abilities and are proud to serve the citizens of Sydney, specifically Penrith and Ryde District. As prospective customers of Service Heroes, we would like to give you a quick run-down of how we get the job done!

The stages of pipe relining are as follows:

  • First, we will check and inspect the pipes, in order to inspect the amount of damage that has been done to them. Service Heroes uses forced electron leak location (FELL), state of the art technology, to examine the damage that has occurred, in order to draw up enhanced solutions. 
  • Next, we will begin the process of cleaning your blocked pipes, which in itself has multiple steps. First, we clean the pipes, utilizing regular cleaning methods and then we remove any large or solid blockages using robotic cutters. 
  • Then we will perform a final check, using closed-circuit cameras, in order to ensure that your pipes are ready to be relined. 
  • Now, we will determine the length of the lining from the pipe length.
  • After we have established the length of the pipe, we then saturate the pipe with epoxy resin. 
  • This step is then proceeded by the curing process, which is the longest step in our entire pipe relining process. We will then use UV radiation to make the cured lining fully harden. 
  • Before the process is complete, we will cut all of the junctions and inspection pits. We use robotic cutters to remove the junctions and grinders to remove the inspection pits. 
  • The pipe relining process is now finished! We will then perform final checks to be sure that your pipes are correctly working.

What are the benefits of pipe relining?

There is a myriad of benefits to having your pipes relined by our talented plumbers, here at Service Heroes. The benefits include the following:

  • Minimal landscaping issues 

Digging up your landscaping, in order to repair damaged pipe sections, can cause major disturbances in the terrain in front of your household. Deciding to have your pipes relined by Sydney’s best electrician and plumbing company, Service Heroes, will guarantee minimal disruption to your landscaping and house. While your house remains untouched, we will work hard to make your pipes as good as new!

  • Safe and secure 

When a company digs up the ground around your house to replace old and damaged pipes, they are putting you and your family at risk for harm to be done. Debris from materials and holes that have been dug up increase the likelihood of an accident occurring, especially for children and the elderly that inhabit the residency. Pipe relining with Service Heroes is a safer option that will guarantee the safety of your family and household.

  • Easier and faster to repair

When compared to digging up and replacing old pipes, relining is a much quicker procedure. Pipe relining is able to handle harder-to-access trouble areas by using a much simpler approach, while also returning your normal environment back to you sooner. An advantage of pipe relining is that the installation time of relining is a fraction of the time it will take to replace and lay down brand new pipes.  

Signs That You Need to Have Your Pipes Relined

There are multiple symptoms that your house may be exhibiting that should let you know: it’s time to use Service Heroes to reline my pipes! 

  • Foul smell

If you notice a bad odour coming from your pipes, it could possibly be a sign of corrosion or a blockage within your sewage system. This issue can easily be fixed with the help of Service Heroes and a pipe reline!

  • Excessive clogs

Have you recently noticed that your pipes have been clogging up more than usual? This may be an indication that your pipes need to be relined! 

  • Water backup 

Corroded and damaged pipes can lead to leaks and water backup, which could ultimately cause excessive consumption of water. If you notice an excessive increase in your water bill, it could be due to frequent water backup and a blockage. The only solution to this issue would be to call Service Heroes and schedule to get your pipes relined!

Why Should You Choose Service Heroes?

Service Heroes has been providing plumbing services to residents all around Sydney for over 30 years. Our plumbers and electricians are fully prepared to take care of any household problem you may have. Whether your home is submerged underwater or you just have a leaky faucet, the Service Heroes will be there to help you!

Your pipes demand more. You deserve the best. Call Service Heroes today to set up a service unlike any other!

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