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Need a gas appliance installed?

Gas is an affordable alternative to electricity

There are many benefits to using gas throughout your home. Once gas is connected to your home from your local gas line, you can connect your gas appliances.

This is where we come in. At Service Heroes, we can help you with all of your gas fitting needs, including installation of your gas stoves and appliances.

Professional, licenced gas fitters

If you’re needing a gas appliance installed in your home,  the specialist gas fitters at Service Heroes can provide you with professional installation, anywhere in Sydney. With gas appliances, just like electrical appliances, a licenced tradesman is required to ensure the gas appliance is installed properly to your gas line. Incorrect installation of a gas appliance can be devastating.


We install all types of gas appliances

Whether it be a gas oven, gas heater or gas hot water tank, our team of specialised plumbers and gas fitters can work with your appliance and install it properly and safely, ensuring everything is connected up properly for use for many years to come.

Gas Stoves installation

Gas stoves are seen by many to be a better option to electric stoves.

  • Gas stoves save you money as gas bills tend to be cheaper than electric bills
  • Gas stoves are easier to control heat
  • Gas stoves heat your pans up faster and tend to be preferred by chefs and restaurants
  • Gas stoves still work if electricity is not on

Have you got a new gas stove you need installed? Our trained expert plumbers can install your gas stove to your gas line in your home.

Safety Guaranteed

Safety and quality work is our number one priority. With years of experience in gas fitting, we understand the complexities and ramifications if a gas appliance is not installed correctly. We guarantee our gas fitting work and can assure each and every one of our clients that we install your gas appliances to comply with all safety standards.

Do you need a quality gas stove installer in Sydney? Our professional gas appliance installers can come to you in Sydney, any time, any day, providing you with reliable gas appliance installation.

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