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Are your fuses blowing regularly?

When your lights stop working and your electronics turn off, you’ve most likely blown a fuse or the circuit breakers have activated.

Your switchboard has done this for a specific reason, most likely due to a surge or increase in power that can cause the circuit to overheat.

Modern switchboards tend to use circuit breakers, that have small switches on them which you can flick back on after a power surge. Older switchboards use ceramic based fuses that actually blow up (similar to the fuses in some older cars).

Whether you’re using a modern or older switchboard, fuses or circuit breakers are an integral part of the switchboard. They protect your property from fire risk, as well as your electronic devices from power surges.

The electricians at Service Heroes are well equipped to assist you with any blown fuse replacement. Typically, if you have an older style switchboard system, it may be worth the investment into a new, modern and safer system. Many older style switchboards have old ceramic style fuses which are difficult to find.

You may find that your fuses are constantly blowing, especially when you’re running simultaneous electronic devices. This can be detected and rectified by our licensed electricians.

What we can do

One of our electrical experts can visit your home or office and investigate the cause of your issues, we can replace the fuse, but there may be an underlying issue so we’ll  detect the cause and provide you with the best solution to the problem, which will ensure your fuses do not constantly blow and your home is safe from any electrical fire risk as well as your devices being protected from power surges.

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