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Sydney Bathroom Renovations 

Remodeling a bathroom within your household can be an extremely exciting time for both you and your family! This new renovation can bring about a lot of positive benefits, such as perfecting your house or increasing your home’s resale value. However, if you don’t consult and pick the best plumbing and electrical company to renovate your bathroom, your bathroom reformation project could become disastrous! 

When it comes to bathroom renovations, there is a multitude of additions, such as tiling, shower screens, toilets, vanities, etc., that need to be handled by professionals, in order to be installed correctly. Service Heroes is operated by the top licensed and experienced electricians and plumbers that will be able to successfully renovate your entire bathroom from top to bottom! 

As service workers who truly care for our customers, we have written a step-by-step process of how we, the Service Heroes, will assist our clients in remodeling their bathroom through a relaxing and worry-free process. 

Budget and Plan:

Planning should and most likely will be the longest phase during your bathroom remodeling project. In addition to deciding on what designs, décor, tile, and paint colors you would like to include within your new bathroom, you must establish a monetary budget for your project. 

To begin your renovation process, we will start by sitting down in order to discuss what appliances and accessories you would like to be installed within your new bathroom and how much money you are willing to spend on it. Along with the new bathroom appliances and accessories, we must budget the amount of time the project will most likely take, in order to get a clear understanding of how much we will charge for labor costs. 

After deciding on a set budget and amount of time for the bathroom renovations to be completed, we will be able to start discussing certain aspects such as: 

  • Understanding what kind of style, the customer would like for their new bathroom. Examples of what styles customers can choose from would include: 
  • Traditional bathrooms, which usually feature a full shower and bath combination. 
  • Modern bathrooms, which are lustrous and contemporary in style, usually only have a shower installed instead of a bathtub. 
  • Craftsman-style bathrooms, which are normally decorated with handcrafted wood cabinets and vanities. However, this style of bathroom is on the pricier side. 
  • Rustic bathrooms utilize raw finishes, for example, wooden walls, allowing the bathroom to adorn a simple, yet homey look. 
  • Taking accurate measurements of the entire area that will be renovated, making sure that every new appliance and bathroom accessory that is wanted will fit into space. 
  • Locating where the bathrooms water lines and electrical outlets are, in order to understand whether or not we will need to redirect any electricity or water lines to fit your specific and chosen bathroom renovation style. 



After deciding and finalizing on everything the client would like to be installed within their new bathroom, we will begin the demolition process. We will start the demolition process by removing your bathroom’s old flooring, tile, and fixtures. The demolition process will include: 

  • Turning off the water supply that is connected to the tub or shower, sink, and toilet. 
  • Removing the toilet by using a rag to cover up the waste pipe, inhibiting sewer gases from entering the household. 
  • Disconnecting and removing both the plumbing for the sink and the vanity. 
  • Disconnecting and removing the tub or shower, while also checking for any type of water damage, mold, and/or mildew growth. 
  • If we are going to replace the light fixtures within the bathroom, we will turn off the electricity before removing the lights. 
  • Eliminating bathroom accessories such as towel racks and hooks from the walls or doors. 
  • Removing tile and drywall from areas where they will be replaced. 
  • Taking up the tile or linoleum flooring and inspecting for water damage to the flooring underneath. 

Plumbing Rough-In 

During this phase, we will begin to prepare the plumbing for new fixtures. We will do this by:

  • Putting in a new shower pan or bathtub
  • Changing the shower controls for the showerhead 
  • Running a water line extension for new showerheads or an overhead rain shower. 

Electrical Rough-In 

We will then begin to rework the bathroom’s electrical wiring, in order to ensure that your bathroom will be correctly working and operating. 

Adding Grab Bars

A fantastic addition to your bathroom could be grab bars, for the older individuals in your household! Due to the fact that the walls are now open, it is a great time to include blocking between the wall studs, in order to add grab bars. 

Closing the walls 

After reworking your electrical sources, we will begin closing all of the walls in the renovated bathroom. We will do this by: 

  • Installing a cement board and vapor barrier within the damp areas (the shower and bathtub)
  • Using drywall to fill in the other walls. 

Installing Tile

Next, we will use the tile of your choice to firstly tile the shower walls or bathtub and then move on to tile the other areas of the bathroom. 

Install the shower door 

After the tile is firmly placed and set in, we will then install either the shower door, the track door if you have decided to install a bathtub or a shower curtain rod. 

Lights and exhaust fan installation 

Next, will install ceiling lights, wall light fixtures, and connect an exhaust fan within your new bathroom. 

Install vanity and sink 

After your lights are carefully placed, we will then attach your plumbing system to your new vanity and sink fixtures. 

Install the toilet 

Mayne the easiest part of the entire renovation, we will install your new toilet into your renovated bathroom. 

Adding accessories 

Lastly, we will install any bathroom accessories you would like, ranging from shelves towel racks to robe hooks and toilet, paper holders. 

Why you should choose Service Heroes to renovate your bathroom!

Service Heroes provides customers with the best electricians and plumbers in all of Sydney! Our mission is to assist and provide Sydney, specifically the city of Penrith and Ryde District, with fast, friendly, and reliable plumbing and electrical services. 

Assisting families for over 30 years and acquiring a 4.91-star service rating, our service workers have successfully renovated bathrooms for a multitude of customers. From appliance installations and electrical fault findings to leaking tap repairs and bathroom renovations, our electricians and plumbers will provide Sydney with the best choice for both their household and business needs. 

Your bathroom demands more. You deserve the best. Call Service Heroes today to set up a service unlike any other! 

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