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5 Things You Will Miss Out On If You Don’t Have Home Automation

Not everyone is ready to make the leap into home automation. It can be a daunting task, and it can be costly at first. So, it should be no surprise that many people choose to forgo home automation altogether. This is the wrong attitude to have though, as there are numerous benefits to home automation that more than makeup for the initial costs. To illustrate this point, here are 5 things that you will miss out on if you don’t have home automation.

Greater Home Security

One of the greatest things about home automation is the increased security if offers. Are you worried that your kids or someone is going to forget to lock the door when they leave? Well, if you get automated locks, you can simply use your smartphone to check whether your doors are locked, and if they aren’t, a simple button press will lock them. You can do all this from your desk at work. But the security options aren’t just limited to door locks. For example, how would you like to get an alert on your phone every time someone steps into your house? Well, with home automation you configure your setup so that you get a notification every time someone comes into your house. Home automation also allows you to monitor different parts of your house, both inside and out, using cameras. If you ever want to check up on your house, you simply open up the camera app, and you can check all the camera feeds. All these factors combined make it significantly harder for someone to break in or vandalise your property. Everyone likes to feel safe and secure in their homes, and home automation helps make your home that much safer.

Greater Savings On Your Monthly Energy Bills

When you think about home automation, most people usually think about how it costs them money, what most people don’t often think about, is how home automation can save them money. Home automation makes it easier to use less energy, which means your monthly energy bill will start to go down. For example, you can automate your home’s blinds so that they open or close at certain parts of the day; this is helpful if you want to either block out or let in sun. This reduces the need for heating or air conditioning, which in turn saves you money. Likewise, home automation allows you to remotely control your air conditioning, meaning you can turn it off when you leave in the mornings, and then turn it back on when you are on your way home. Running an air conditioner all day is expensive, but it is also necessary during the summers, since you do not want to come home to a scorching house; but with home automation, you don’t need to run the AC all day in order to come home to a nicely cooled house. Home automation has also made water heaters more efficient. Most people leave their water heaters running while they go away or leave the house for a few day. But, with home automation, you can easily put your water heater into energy saving mode or “vacation mode” (as it is called on some water heaters).

Greater Energy Efficiency

This ties into the above point about saving money on your monthly energy bills. Home automation not only helps you save money on your monthly energy bill, but it also aids the environment. A lot of electricity is wasted in Australia because people simply forget to turn their lights off. Now, this isn’t to say that home automation is going to be some miracle for the environment, but every little bit helps. Home automation makes it easier for people to turn off appliances and lights they otherwise would just leave running. Even simple tasks, like turning your lights off when you are not using them, can seriously reduce the amount of energy you use.

Greater Convenience

This is probably the most obvious benefit to home automation, but it is still worth repeating, home automation just makes things more convenient. Have you ever been rushing out to work in the morning, only to realise that you left the garage door open, the front door unlocked, the lights on, etc., well with home automation, you do not have to worry about that anymore. Similarly, do you hate having to get someone to watch your house when you go away because you are worried about burglars? With home automation, you do not need anyone to watch your house because you can do regular checkups on your house using a smartphone or tablet. Hate having to get someone to feed your pets while you are away? Well, guess what, home automation can take care of that task as well.

Greater Home Value

Believe it or not, home automation can actually increase the value of your house. Features like separate controls for heating, lighting, air conditioning, etc., appeal to consumers and according to realtors, will increase the value of your home. This obviously will not matter for everyone, but if you are thinking you might want to sell a house down the line, it might be worth remembering that home automation can make a home a lot more valuable. And as home automation gets even more popular, automating your home will likely lead to even greater increases in the value of your house.

The list of things you will miss out on if you avoid home automation is quite long, suffice to say that home automation is an absolutely great choice for any homeowner. It may be tempting to think that your home is ready for automation, but trust us when we say that every home can benefit from home automation. If you’re hesitant about costs, just remember that home automation more than pays for itself in the long run. So don’t hesitate, take the plunge into home automation as soon as you can.