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Top 10 Tips For Your First Or Next Solar System

The purchase of a solar system can be very exciting, but make sure you do not get too wrapped up in the hype of what you hear in the advertisements. Ensure you are always paying close attention to all details specific to you, as it is an investment into your future. Listed in this article are some key points to look out for when purchasing a solar system.


Always speak to anyone you may know; possibly a friend, family member or a co-worker, who currently own a solar system. Generally, the best source of insight can come from the people we already know has Solar. Enquire into their experience with having their Solar installed, they will be able to advise of any issues they were faced with, which will you give you a head-start in avoiding them! Alternatively, your associates may be able to advise the positive impact it has had for their energy consumption, and reduction of energy bills.


Always enquire into what guarantees the  manufacturer can provide. If the company is reputable within the field, and can offer a minimum warranty period of 25 years, you can expect that the solar system will have a very long life, and will allow for enough time for you to see a return on investment. Regarding the warranty period, for that to be honoured, the manufacturer is required to still be in operation. If you are looking at products from a manufacturer without a history within Australia, you may want to take that fact in to consideration.

Have reasonable value desires

If you are receiving offers and quotes which are drastically cheaper than others you have received, for a similar size, you may find the performance will suffer.

In the event that you are paying generously not exactly numerous other comparative size frameworks cited, you may discover low quality hardware and additionally poor establishment work. Quality gear and establishment isn’t modest and, similar to every single other buy, you regularly get what you pay for.

Look at segments and guarantee periods and register with the organization giving the establishment. While extensive, settled organizations can pass on generous funds because of expanded purchasing power, different organizations regularly diminish costs by compromising.

Sun powered board confirmations

This applies to all sun powered board buys, yet particularly to the buys that could pull in an administration discount. The confirmation on sun oriented boards shows the sort of testing that has been done on them. For example, TUV IEC 61215 affirms that the sunlight based boards have been tried by a free research facility and have met their promoted determinations. Other affirmation types are frequently self-surveyed, in this manner depend on the organization being straightforward in what it claims.

Choose the kind of boards

It used to be the situation that on the off chance that you had restricted rooftop space you would require exceptionally proficient (and pricey) mono-crystalline sun based boards. This is quickly changing with advances in polycrystalline board innovation and some dainty film advances. In any case, regardless of whether you have sufficient rooftop space you may in any case need to consider board sizes versus yield as topping off your rooftop with wasteful boards will influence your capacity to include more boards sometime in the not too distant future, and does not amplify the power yield of the space.

It’s likewise vital to hold up under as a main priority that paying little mind to guarantee, no sun oriented board innovation will deliver a lot of intensity in full shade. Get familiar with monocrystalline versus slim film boards.

Sun based board mounting

Ensure that the rooftop, ground mounting or following framework is engineer confirmed for the territory you are in. For instance, in the event that you live in a twister inclined region ensure the mounting framework and mounting sections are additionally violent wind evaluated. Quality frameworks are wind ensured; after everything you don’t need your framework to take off amid a wild tempest . The mounting framework is an extremely fundamental segment and a few providers hold back on this thing. Ensure you get some information about wind accreditation, guarantee game plans and get duplicates of applicable reports.

Sun based inverter effectiveness

A power inverter is the crate between the boards and your machines that changes over DC power from sun based boards to AC; reasonable for use in your home.

Not every single sun based inverter are equivalent and inverter proficiency will directly affect the measure of time it takes for a framework to pay for itself. Take a gander at the inverter proficiency before buying a framework. Clearly, the more proficient the inverter the better – as less power will be squandered as warmth amid the transformation from DC to AC. Industry driving sun powered inverters for network associate frameworks in Australia incorporate SMA, Sungrow and Fronius. Be wary of conventional sort brands.

Get a couple of sunlight based statements

It constantly astute to assemble a couple of sun based statements when making a noteworthy buy as you will find that costs differ generally between suppliers; yet don’t be simply influenced by cost as second rate parts can be utilized to decrease the direct front expense of the framework – however they may end up costing you more over the long haul as far as dependability and productivity.

Stay away from high weight salesmen

High weight deals strategies are tragically normal in the sun oriented industry. Make an effort not to settle on choices on the spot, simply request that the individual let you think about the offer. On the off chance that it’s on a par with they guarantee, it will at present be a decent arrangement tomorrow. Influenced choices on the spot regularly end up being less favorable in reflection.

High weight salesmen are just a single of the traps that may anticipate you when you search for a sun based power framework. Become familiar with the potential issues and how to maintain a strategic distance from them in our shoppers manual for sun powered power – evading traps and traps.

Purchase sun oriented power at markdown costs

A standout amongst the best purchasing sun based tips is to make a point to utilize an authorize sun powered power framework installer, ensured by the Clean Energy Council.

Need additionally purchasing sun powered tips?

Need some assistance with choosing a home sun oriented power framework? Attempt our sun based statements instrument. You can likewise contact our neighborly group of specialists for no-commitment, no-weight and free counsel including all the more purchasing sun based tips on 1800 MY HERO.