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Smelly Shower Drain

As a homeowner or business owner, shower drains are no pleasant way of keeping your guests or business customers happy! Smelling drains including shower drain smells, bathroom drain smells have a way of knocking out your peace. In this blog post, consider the tips shared with you by our expert team of plumbers Sydney would make an exception for you putting up with all that drama. Consider yourself lucky to have these best practice tips shared with you.

Why the shower drain gets so smelly

Smelly shower drains arise as a result of a couple of reasons. Hair caught in the shower, no matter how hard one tries to avoid it, eventually would get your drain clogged and shower drain smelly. Shower drains get smelly for different reasons some of these include:

  1. Sewer Gas Tap Problem: every plumbing system has a P trap, a U-shaped pipe that forms the letter P with fitted with other plumbing fittings. It’s usually fitted for sinks and lavatories to trap debris from your drains. It is often used to carry off an offensive smell to the roofing of your property.
  2. Drain flies: It is not uncommon to find flies around smelly shower drains and smelly drains. These tiny little flies make their habitat in the sink drain to feed on decomposing organic substance
  3. Ongoing bacterial action on soap water: most of the anaerobic processes happening down in the pipe produce hydrogen Sulphide gas, a foul and offensive order which smells like sewage.
  4. Mould within your pipe: Cleaning hair and ensuring your P-trap can be a good way to eliminate the bad odor.
  5. Urine smell: Urine that is not rinsed down the shower drain leaves a stench and puts grime around your drain. Urine not well washed down your drain leave you with an unpleasant shower experience.

Cleaning hair from the shower drain

Proper care for your shower drain means you can always have a refreshing bath free of worries of offensive stench in your drain. As earlier highlighted, it is not out of place to continually have hair strands residues fill your shower drain and P-trap vent.

Here are few tips to give proper care for your shower drain, getting rid of bathroom smells. Compiled in this list for you on how to clean the shower drain.

How to clean the shower drain

  • Baking Soda Method: This method is quite effective as it removes the stench ongoing within your pipe system completely, eliminating the sludge in it by the cation of baking soda, vinegar, and hot water. Baking soda is an eco-friendly cleaning agent and vinegar produces a great cleaning effect when combined together. They both combine to form an effervescent substance which functions as a cleaning agent dissolving the hair residue in the shower drain, removing sludges, mould, and ending bacterial activity. It is preferable to caustic cleaning agents capable of doing greater damage to your piping system slowly. How to use baking soda to clear hair in clogged drains:
  1. Pour water down the shower drain
  2. Add a cup of baking soda followed by a cup of vinegar.
  3. The chemical reaction should create a fizzing sound. Allow the action to keep going for 5-10 minutes. The action of the hot water, baking soda, and vinegar will put a shine to that grime.
  4. Complete the cleaning process by flushing hot water down the shower drain and you have no reasons to worry.

Baking soda is quite effective because they are an everyday item available to the household. In addition to this, it contains acetic acids that kill the foul odor and unlike other cleaning agents are eco-friendly and cost-effective.

For tougher clogs and smelly shower drain, other explorable options to clean the drain include;

  • Gorilla Method:
  1. Use of Sewer Snake: It is commonly called the plumbing snake. It is most suitable for hair residue that sits deep beneath your pipe of the shower drain and stubborn to clear out.

Use a Shower Drain Hair Catcher: Prevention is better than cure, hence installing a hair catcher can come in handy for periods when you flush shave down your shower drains. This helps you avoid extra clogs.

Extra Tip: an extra tip to ensure that your hair residues don’t clog in your drain to cause a smelly shower drain is to keep your tap running. You could also employ simple techniques such as brushing your hair before you shower.

How Service Heroes can help

The smelly shower could be tricky to deal with even with a DIY guide. If you’re yet unclear about how to get rid of a smelly drain in your kitchen or bathroom, Service Heroes Plumbing NSW Sydney, Australia, has got experienced and registered plumbers ready to be dispatched in your locality.

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