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Clean, filtered water directly from your kitchen tap!

We provide supply and installation of quality brand water filters in your home or office Sydney wide

In 1998, Sydney experienced an outbreak of cryptosporidium and giardia in its water supply which created a boom in the bottled water industry. Since then, filtered and bottled water hasn’t stopped selling well as many people are wanting to ensure that they are not drinking contaminated water. Despite Sydney water quality being extremely high quality, as seen in 1998, there’s always a chance that something could happen that could affect the health of you or your family.

Total convenience

A water filter in your kitchen provides you with the convenience of 100% clean, filtered and contaminant free water on demand. If you’re concerned with drinking directly from the tap, you’ll no longer need to boil your water before you drink as your in-kitchen water filter will connect directly to the water supply and filter water behind the scenes.

Dual temperature water filters

The two main types of water filters are cold and dual temperature filters. Dual temperature water filters provide you with icy cold filtered water as well as boiling water for your convenience.


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