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Interest-Free Financing Electricians & Plumbers

What’s the best way to pay for a home or commercial plumbing and electrical service? Well, Service Heroes offers interest-free financing on all of our electrical and plumbing jobs. We’ve partnered up with Zip, one of Australia’s most popular Buy Now, Pay Later companies. This means that no matter what your current financial situation is, you can still get the services you need done. Contact our specialist customer service team for immediate assistance or call us at 1800 694 376.


If your home system requires plumbing or electrical services, but you currently do not have access to enough spare money, then we are the team to call. We value our customers and want you to have access to the services you need, right when you need them. This is why we have financing options available, often with interest-free rates, subject to credit approval. Our commitment to our customers means more than keeping your home system running smoothly. Plumbing repairs and installations, an electrical panel upgrade, or any other major improvement to your residence is an investment, and we will work with you to find a solution that fits your budget.

Free Installations. Interest-Free Financing.

Most businesses offer their services based on a cash-only premise when it comes to interest-free financing. However, you should be aware of some pros and cons of interest-free financing. If you are interested in financing options, Service Heroes Plumbing & Electricals is the perfect place to start. We offer a wide range of finance options designed to help you afford the service and repairs that you need.


Service Heroes is a team of licensed electricians and plumbers that has received numerous industry awards. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, Service Heroes also offers a variety of financing options through Zip Pay.

The Smartest Way to Pay For Your Next Home Improvement Project.

Tired of paying for your home services all at once? Maybe you’re looking to tackle a major home project with a little bit of cash upfront and some time to pay back the rest of your bill? We can help make this possible with our ZipPay payment plan. Once approved, we can work together to create a plan that best fits your needs, as well as your budget. ZipPay lets you break up your payments, allowing you more flexibility when making monthly payments towards your home needs. So, don’t let high prices for service and repairs keep you from doing what you want with your home. With Service Heroes Plumbing & Electricals on your side, it’s easier than ever to get what you want, when you want it. No matter what project or upgrade is on the horizon, we have financing options designed to fit any budget.

Start Now. Pay Later.

Electricians, plumbers and other tradespeople don’t come cheap. But sometimes, you have to bite the bullet to get the repairs you need. It’s never fun to be faced with the prospect of paying a hefty sum for an unexpected repair, especially when you’re already strapped for cash. That’s why we’ve partnered up with Zip, one of Australia’s most popular Buy Now, Pay Later companies.


Zip works like this: You can use Service Heroes plumbing & electrical services and when it’s time to choose your payment method, choose Zip from the list of options. Zip will then send a small deposit to Service Heroes on your behalf. You’ll be sent an email receipt confirming your purchase and this is where you will find all the information you need regarding the next steps. 


Everyone has a budget, but it’s a fact that unexpected home repairs and upgrades can be stressful. Our team of licensed, professional electricians and plumbers are always available to help with your residential electrical or plumbing needs. Trouble paying on time? Don’t sweat it. Zip has a solution for you. Zip’s Buy Now Pay Later financing is easy to apply for and pay off over time with convenient monthly payments. Visit zip.co/au to apply online today!


We offer you flexible options to finance your next electrical or plumbing project, whether it be for your home or business. Interest-free payment plans mean that you can pay for services over a period of time with no interest. Simply choose the option that best suits you and benefit from interest-free financing on all your electrical projects.