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Why You Should Be Getting A Water Filter Installed ASAP

Australia’s tap water is not the greatest, as any resident can tell you. It is not unsafe, and the government does a great job of properly testing the water and making sure that it is drinkable and safe. But, while the government can make sure the water is drinkable, they cannot make it enjoyable to drink. Australian tap water, especially in certain cities, can taste really bad. Because of water scarcity, Australia has to rely on less clean sources of water, which means that the government has to add lots of purifying chemicals like chlorine. This is especially true in cities with water scarcity issues, like Adelaide (which has some of the worst tasting tap water in all of the country).

So, what solutions does the average Australian have when it comes to terrible tasting tap water? Well, you can buy bottled water very easily, since it is sold in almost every grocery store or convenience store. Bottled water appears to be the solution most Australians take. Australians drink a lot of bottled water, and consumption increases when water crisis are in the news (such as the 1998 Sydney water contamination crisis). But, bottled water is problematic for a couple of circumstances. First off, it is very expensive compared to tap water. No matter how high your water bill is, it is always more expensive to choose bottled water over tap water. Secondly, bottled water is awful for the environment; plastic bottles contaminate landfills and oceans alike. Finally, bottled water is often just local tap water, albeit tap water that has been run through a simple filter. Thankfully, there is an easier solution for Australians who want good tasting tap water, without spending money on expensive bottled water. A water filter.

What can a water filter do for me?

A high quality water filter that has been properly installed by a licenced plumber can be useful in numerous ways.

Bad tasting or bad smelling water

Does your water have an odd smell or strange taste that you just cannot describe properly? If so, it is almost certainly chlorine that you are tasting. Chlorine is probably one of the most common chemicals used to purify municipal drinking water. The problem is that chlorine is very strong, and it can negatively affect the taste and smell of water; and there is no way for the city to get rid of the odd taste or smell because if they stopped using chlorine, the water would be contaminated. Thankfully, most water filtration systems can actually remove the odd taste and smell caused by chlorine. Water filters make use of GAC (granular activated carbon, found in objects high in carbon, like wood and coal) to remove the left over chemicals in the water. The water will still be 100% safe to drink, but it will not have a disgusting taste or repulsive smell. In some cases using a filter can cause the water to become cloudy, this is not something you need to worry about, it is simply air coming out of the filter.

Debris in the water

Have you ever noticed debris in your water? If so, there is a good chance it is rust or sediment that is coming through your tap. This is due to pipes being slightly corroded; which is to be expected given the age of Australia’s pipe systems. If you see debris, like rust particles, in your water, do not panic. Rust particles can make the water look and taste disgusting, but they are not really harmful to your health (unless the rust is in large quantities, in which case call a plumber). A water filter will be able to easily remove all debris (including rust particles) from your water with ease.

Deadly bacteria

While city water systems are usually pretty good when it comes to removing harmful bacteria, the same is not true for water systems in rural areas. If you live in a rural area and get your water from a well, then your water is at a greater risk of becoming contaminated with harmful bacteria and pathogens. But, as discussed above, even if you live in a major city like Sydney, you are not completely safe from bacteria and pathogens. So, if you want to guarantee that your water is clean, you need to get a filter installed.


If you live in an Australian city, then chances are good that your water has fluoride in it. Since 2008, every Australian state requires that fluoride be added to tap water. Some people do not like fluoride in their water, either because they are worried about potential side effects, or they just do not like it. If you are one of these people, then the only way to truly get the fluoride out of water is to get a water filter installed. Now, fluoride is not the only chemical that is found in tap water, plenty of other chemicals are found in tap water. Chemicals like lead, mercury, pesticides, etc., can all be found in tap water. The amounts are small enough that you do not need to worry about the chemicals causing physical harm, but still, some people would prefer to have their water be completely pure. This is where home water filters come in. The government just does not have the resources to completely filter the water, so getting a home filter is the only way to ensure your tap water meets your standards.

It is easy to see why so many people are getting home water filters installed. They make your water taste and smell better, they make your water cleaner, and they save you money by eliminating the need to buy bottled water. So don’t wait, call and see how much it will cost to get a water filter installed in your kitchen. But be warned, once you try tap water that has been through a filter, you will never be able to go back to plain old tap water.