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Why You Should Get A Bidet Installed

Why You Should Get A Bidet Installed

Although popular in Europe and much of Asia, bidets have never really caught on in certain places. Specifically, in both North America and Australia the bidet has not really caught on.

For those who are not familiar with bidets, they are essentially meant as a companion for your regular toilet. With a bidet, you will use your toilet just as you normally would, but instead of using toilet paper, you will instead use the bidet to clean yourself. Bidets work by spraying a light amount of water onto you to clean you after you use the toilet. A lot of people actually prefer bidets because they clean a lot better than toilet paper.

If you are interested in getting a bidet installed in your bathroom, then you are going to need to get a plumber to install them since it involves working with piping. Thankfully, if you are interested in getting a bidet installed, either on its own or as part of larger bathroom renovations, then we can help you.

In this article, we are going to go over the benefits of bidets and why you should consider getting one installed.

Some see it as more hygienic than toilet paper

For a lot of people, bidets are simply more hygienic than toilet paper. This comes as a bit of a shock to those of us who are not used to the idea of bidets, but when you think about it, they have a point. After using the toilet, your bottom is going to be quite dirty, so why would you only wipe it with some dry paper and call it a day?

If your hand was covered in germs and bacteria, you would not feel good just wiping it with some dry paper and going about your day, you would want to actually wash it. The same logic should apply to your bottom. Your bottom is a sensitive area and you want it to be well looked after. A lot of people report that they feel genuinely cleaner and more refreshed after using a bidet when compared with regular toilet paper. Plus, washing the area off with water can help get rid of some bacteria that might otherwise cause infections. So, in a way, bidets are also healthier for you as well.

It is less expensive in the long run

Believe it or not, a bidet can actually save you quite a substantial amount of money in the long run. A good bidet can easily be gotten for around a $100, if not less. Sure, the installation costs may be substantial, depending on what plumber you use, but those are a 1-time cost.

Plus, if something goes wrong with the bidet during installation or if the bidet stops working later on, then many plumbing companies will fix the issue for free, which means that you may not even have to worry about maintenance costs either. In the long run, you will save money because bidets eliminate your need to buy toilet paper.

Now, toilet paper is not super expensive, but the costs do add up over time. It will take a few years, but eventually, your bidet will pay for itself. Of course, bidets use water, which is not free, so you would be right to wonder if the cost of using the bidet costs more than the money that you would save by no longer having to buy toilet paper. The answer depends on how often you use the bidet and for how long you use the bidet, but generally speaking, most people will save money by switching to a bidet.

It can make a bathroom more stylish and luxurious

Not everyone will care about this particular point, but those who care about making their home look as good as possible will care. Because bidets are not all that common in many countries, adding one to your bathroom can help give your bathroom a sense of luxury and style. Bidets are much like toilets in terms of style and look. So, you can get bidets that are made of porcelain, stainless steel, etc.

No matter what your bathroom looks like, you can find a bidet that looks good in the bathroom. Plus, if you plan on selling your home down the line, getting bidets installed in every bathroom can act as a very attractive selling point, especially if the person buying the home knows what a bidet is and how useful they are.

Less chance of clogging your toilet

A lot of people out there probably do not know this, but toilet paper is actually one of the major causes of clogged toilets. Sure, in small amounts, toilet paper is water soluble and should not cause any clogs. The problem is that many people use way too much toilet paper in a short amount of time, which results in the toilet paper not dissolving properly and bunching up.

Likewise, a lot of people use extra thick toilet paper, which does not dissolve as properly in water as it should. Well, by getting rid of toilet paper, you are reducing your chances of suffering from clogged toilets. You will also be doing your neighbours a favor, as toilet paper can often clog up whole sewer systems over time.

For more information on common causes of clogging pipes, see our blog post 5 Common Mistakes That Can Kill Your Plumbing Systems.

It is more environmentally friendly

One final reason why you might want to consider getting a bidet is that they are better for the environment than toilet paper. Now, bidets use water and that is a bit problematic, especially in a place like Australia, where droughts are not uncommon. But, at the same time, toilet paper is also pretty bad for the environment. Large amounts of trees are cut down to fuel the toilet paper industry.

Likewise, plenty of other chemicals and other resources are used to actually make the toilet paper. In comparison, bidets use relatively little water and thus have relatively little impact on the environment. If you are trying to make your home and your bathroom as environmentally friendly as possible, then a bidet can be a good starting point.