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Celebrating the Success of Women in The Trade Service Industry

At Service Heroes, in the amazing and sunny state of Sydney Australia, female colleagues and apprentices know exactly what it feels like to work in an environment that’s not equal in nature and free from bias.

Service Heroes is a leading property maintenance service business that supports female apprentices, tradeswomen and colleagues to build confidence and ambition through the ever-empowering mechanism of the trade. Service Heroes is a pioneer and leader in the trade service maintenance industry – and we’re very committed to developing engaged females who aspire to excellence, demonstrate integrity and value difference.

For International Women’s Day, Service Heroes actively reflects on the #BalanceforBetter campaign theme through maintaining a strong focus on providing an environment where both males and females can grow as intellectual equals, aspire as competent equals in the trade and in their personal life, and be respectful equals in their social environments.

Service Heroes not only takes pride in being an employer of tradeswomen, we take pride in empowering women within the industry. Our team has and will continue to upskill women within a sector that was once previously dominated by women.

If you’re a woman who wants to get into a trade be sure to give us a call! We are always on the lookout for more women to enter the sector and help all of our clients with their skills.