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5 Substantial Signs of Hidden Water Leaks!

Nobody likes coming home to unexpected water in their home which can quickly cause structural damage and even worse can create health issues from mold growth.

While most leaks can be obvious, some of the most pricey leaks are those that are unnoticed or not expected.

Here are a few signs that can help you detect if you have a cracked pipe or broken water line outside your home causing water leaks inside your home to try and save you some time and money:

  1. Mouldy Tiles in Your Shower/Bathroom

Mould occurs when water can get through the tile grout between the tiles making it dangerous as it can be exposed to your family. If the moud is noticed the best way is to remove the affected tiles and group straight away and replacing them with new tiles.

  1.  Unstable Toilet

Toilets should never be unsteady to sit on.  If you sit on your toilet seat and it wobbles it means that there is a flange leak causing it to wobble. Sometimes the seal is broken by the water and it causes the seat to rock. To fix the problem the wax ring needs to be replaced.

  1. Cabinets and Dampness

You could be dealing with a leaky drain or a water supply line leak if you reach below the sink cabinet or into your bathroom cabinet and if feels quite damp.  Whichever the case you are experiencing, the issue needs to be resolved straight away. One way is to try and tighten any nuts and connections of pipes you can find. If you feel like the issue is still happening, you may need to call a plumber to help.

  1. Puddles and patches of Thick Lawn or Grass

If you have noticed puddles in your backyard that don’t go away or dry up patches of grass that are more thicker than other parts of your hard you may be experiencing a water leak underground. Investigating and fixing the issue are best left up to experts.

  1. Broken or damaged flooring around bathtubs and showers

If you notice the floors surrounding your bathtub or shower has loose tiles or curling vinyl, water might be the reason. You can also look out for soft or unstable floor, these can also be causing by not closing the shower curtain or the bathtub being over flowed. Also in some cases, leaky shower heads or faucets can be a culprit.

Best way is to make sure everything is tight and properly installed. If you cannot locate the reason why there is a leak, call an expert plumber straight away.